Monday, August 27, 2012

Mommy Style

What to do? I feel kinda funny writing about this, but it's something that's been weighing on me as Karyanna's birth gets nearer. How am I going to dress after she gets here?!?
     It seems like such a shallow and vapid thing to stress about, but regardless I sort of am.  I used to (as in my early to mid-twenties) wear cute clothes and heels everyday. If the heel wasn't at least three inches it wasn't high enough.  Then I got sorta lazy and have basically lived in yoga pants and favorite long-sleeve tees from GAP. I recently read that yoga pants are the new mom jeans (gasp! I wasn't even a mom yet!)
     Beyond getting pregnant, I had been feeling for awhile like it was time to boost my wardrobe.  I had acquired a couple cute dresses and some good workout clothes. I ventured into the world of color again and was saying good bye to my almost signature black (if Nick noticed I wore black a lot, then I must've been.)  Maternity wear has actually been fun for me. I took a couple risks (as many as you really can with maternity) and I've really felt great throughout.
     But what about after? I was in weight loss mode pre-pregnancy and I'm sure I will be again immediately very soon, but I have no clue what my body will be like after birth. I have an incredibly tight belly right now, but I'm fairly sure it will become a giant mixing bowl of jello jigglers. I know my breasts will be Out.Of.Control. And, like my sister told me, I'll be able to loose weight like a man.(Hooray!)
     But I'm still at a loss as to how to dress. I want to be contemporary, but I also don't want to be stuck in 'Mommy Wear' forever. I'd like to be able to accessorize smartly.  Where does a girl go who is too old for the juniors section but still feels too young for most everything in the women's department?  I guess this is just something to navigate in the world of being a mom...

but when is it required to stop wearing full-panel pants? Because I love the crap out of those!

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