Saturday, March 9, 2013


Note: This awesome card was from my dear friend Jordana from something totally unrelated
Wow!  I am speechless from the incredible amounts of support, well wishes and stories from others.  Everyone has been so sweet and it has made me even more grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life!

     I had no idea how prevalent this whole high cholesterol thing was in my age group! Yes yes, I know I'm not a kid anymore, but I'm still in my twenties. You'd think we'd all be healthier.  It just goes to show how vigilant we all must be when it comes to our health.

     Changes so far have gone great.  Mid week I had a coffee shop meet up and left STARVING and I was still 30 minutes from home with a baby who needed to be changed, fed and put down for a nap, so my rationale was that I was an hour, at minimum, from eating. It makes sense and would be so convenient to run through McDonald's and grab some "chicky noogies" or a cheeseburger. I literally had to talk myself out of it three times...boy old habits are hard. to. break. But I did it, and I went home and made myself a delicious and far more satisfying (and healthy) lunch.

    Thank you for all your great support, I'm sure I'll be keeping you up to date.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wake Up Call

I can't even...I don't know where to start.

     I decided to go in for a yearly physical. I thought since I'm working on loosing weight and I have some big goals, I should go in and get a baseline, or starting point if you will.  It's no secret I need to loose weight. I've been working on it. Before I got pregnant I had lost 20 lbs.  Awesome.  I'm officially down 30 lbs from summer 2011, but I've got quite a ways to go.

     I got a call from my doctor's office yesterday. I have moderately high cholesterol.  Wait, what? No I don't! My blood pressure is amazing, how can I have high cholesterol?!? I could go out and run a couple miles right now if I wanted to, how can I have high cholesterol?!? I don't smoke, how can I have high cholesterol?!?

     I have a shitty diet, that's how.

     It hit me with a ton of bricks. Not at first, but as I started doing research and seeing exactly where I'm at on the scale of things and what I need to do to get better. Yikes!  I'd never paid attention to cholesterol info before. I never thought it would affect me. Type 2 Diabetes? Sure, I love sugar. It wouldn't be a good thing, but I would've been mentally prepared to hear that. But cholesterol? Really?

     Now, thanks to dead beat dads I only know 1/4 of my family health history (side note: I prefer it that way because my dad is the best and I wouldn't trade him for anything!) so I don't know if I'm pre-disposed to having high cholesterol or not. But, like I said before, I generally eat like crap. That changes now!

     It scared the crap out of me, more than anything else, to think I could literally have a heart attack at any moment and leave Karyanna without a mommy...or she would grow up calling someone else mommy.  Still brings tears to my eyes to even consider.  And then it spiraled when I thought of the what if' what if I hadn't decided to go get everything checked out? I wouldn't have know. It would have gotten worse.

     I guess wake up calls happen for a reason.  Well this chick is wo-ken-up! Fast food? Done. Pizza? Done. Casseroles? Done. I know I will feel so great making these changes, but now I have to learn so much.  Reading labels now goes from just looking at caloric content, but fat and cholesterol too.  I firmly believe in moderation, but this stuff has to be out until I'm in a normal range again.

     Any helpful, kind feedback is appreciated. Does anyone else have experience with this?