Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary!!!

Nick and I set out to Seattle for our 1 year anniversary. It was so much fun and I've been wanting to go have the 'Seattle Experience' for over a year now. And as fun as it was, it made me realize that I much prefer Portland.
Being married has been the most incredible thing. It is so much more than either of us ever dreamed. After being together for 8 years now it's shocking to me that, for both of us really, the best thing about being married is the stability and routine of it.
We've been lucky enough that Nick has worked small jobs here and there and that I've only worked 3-4 days a week so we really got to spend the last year just hanging out. What an awesome blessing it was to just get used to being married. If the first year truly is the hardest, then we have so many incredible years to look forward to (which, even if it's not, we still have lots to look for!)
This next year is going to present our newest, scariest and most incredible challenge and adventure yet as we grow our little family by one!