Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's the Little Things

Having a baby changes you. There's no question about it.

     I've been reminiscing a lot about our life before Karyanna stormed in.  We were happy, carefree, irresponsible and perhaps a bit reckless at times. We spent almost nine years just the two of us

     I remember being convinced we were ready for kids seven years ago.  The picture to the right was taken almost four years ago. We stayed up too late, got up too early slept in way too late and ate entirely too much!

     Our life is drastically different. We still stay up too late, but we do get up early. Our diet is awesome getting better and better everyday.  We've become incredibly routine in our day and our biggest form of entertainment lies in watching Snuffy almost roll over. 

     And you know what? I'm one-hundred percent happier than I used to be.  Having sweet girl around though, means little to no alone time for Nick and I.  We haven't had many opportunities to connect on a real friendship level like before. Which is fine, we're both so wrapped up in our little sweetie that we haven't felt we needed it. 

     But last night we took some extra time for one another. It wasn't until this morning that I realized how much I had missed him. I almost went to bed, and I'm so glad I didn't.  We simply chit-chatted while he was doing dinner prep for tonight, but we reconnected.  I remembered just exactly why he is my best friend.

He's funny, caring and smart and I am so lucky to have married such an incredible man. I really hope nights like that happen more often, because as awesome as my daughter is, my husband is still my favorite person in the world!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is it too late???

Is it too late to be good? As the beauty of this picture shows, "No, it is never too late to be good."  Karyanna and I had quite the last couple of days...

     Really it started last Friday. She's either teething, or catching a cold, or growing, or something because she has been whiny, snuggly, sleepy and as far as she goes grumpy. But a weekend of snuggles is not so bad really.  She rallied and was able to go out for New Year's Eve, but the day after was super fussy again.

And then it happened...

     My good friend Sarah was visiting (she lives in Hawaii) and we went into Portland to get some delicious Stumptown Coffee. It was really crowded so Nick stood in line while we went and grabbed a table.  We had been out of the house for awhile and it was time for Snuffy to eat.  I went to grab my "Hooter-Hider" and instead pulled out an apron.  Lovely.  I knew both items were in there this morning and I grabbed one of them out in an attempt to lighten the load.   As they are similar prints and the same colors I apparently took out the HH. (Side note: don't judge me for having an apron in my diaper bag. It was legit there because I had picked it up the night before a couple days earlier at my mom's house after leaving it there a month ago.) I do what I can, got creative and made it work.

     She ate like a champ, had a small burp and was sitting there having a great time. As Nick sits down with us and hands me my coffee she pukes.  Now, this wasn't a tiny little upchuck, this was full on completely drenching her shirt, the entire front of my shirt and some of the apron.  She never does that! Afterwards she was all smiles and wobbles, but man, I've never seen so much come out of a little baby before.  I handled it quite well and was super glad she had not one but two outfits in her diaper bag for me to choose from.  We went out to the car, changed her clothes (which, after I pulled her onesie off I found a cockroach like bug in it, super scary to think it may have been ON HER!) and went back inside. 

     We sat there for close to an hour chit-chatting and having a good time.  Just as we were getting ready to leave she poops. NBD right? Oh no, this was a blowout.  Are you kidding me?!? Welp ok, good thing we were planning on leaving anyway. So we go back out to the car and change, again, this time even more thankful I had two extra outfits in her diaper bag. But I used the last of the "diaper bag wipes."  

     Fast forward to the next day and she was hanging out in diapers all day. With the new year I decided to switch to Fuzzibunz (cloth diapers) and we tried it out yesterday.  Well, the infant setting was too big for her so I tightened another one down.  That ended up being too tight and she woke up because her legs were loosing circulation (awesome mommy award for me!) I switched her back to her Hawaiian Huggies (my favorite disposables because their so cute!) and she poops. I go to change her and we have no wipes at home either.  Mental  note, go to the store tonight.  Somehow I found in our box of baby samples one wipe left.  That will hafta do until daddy gets home!

    Right before Nick comes home, I like to get her dressed and "presentable."  I've read about cleaning kids faces and meeting their dad at the door. I liked it, it works for us.  He could tell the day had been bad. Karyanna looked grumpy and tired and I hadn't done anything with my hair or put on any makeup and got maybe half the things on my list accomplished (two of which were wake up and have some cocoa.) So he graciously took over and made dinner while I snuggled Snuffy on the couch...and then she poops again. And not just poop, but blowout poop.  TWO DAYS IN A ROW! I can't tell if I'm glad I got her dressed or not. It means more laundry, but it also means I didn't get baby poop up my arm, on my clothes and possibly on the couch as well.  I'm leaning towards a win for getting dressed! 

     Mind you, I ran out of wipes earlier. She hasn't pooped two days in a row for over 6 weeks, let alone twice in one day. Not even baby sharts (since her pediatrician used that word, it is a medical term in my book.)  Being the quick thinker I am, I grab a wash cloth and run it under warm water before tackling the mess. This was seriously the worst blowout she's had too. It ended up over halfway up her back, her foot got in it and she just smiled the whole time.

     After that I put her in the above shirt and like always, she makes up for her indiscretions by being the most loving, smiley and happy baby on earth! I count those as some of the bad days of being a mommy. But really, looking back, it wasn't that bad at all. I'm so thankful I get to love on this girl daily and I hope she grows up knowing that no matter what she does, it's never too late to be good!