Friday, December 21, 2012

The New Normal

Life has just kept on going by. We're right in the middle of Karyanna's first holidays and we are absolutely LOVING it!  Because of Nick's new job, he had a 2 week training in Phoenix and thankfully, me and the girl got to go with. Everyone who was there fell in love with her. I've never had so many strangers take her picture and hold her. But it was a really nice group, we even let them watch her while we stole away for a yogurt date!

     It was right in the middle of December so we basically have missed all the hustle and bustle that comes with Christmas time.  I'm super ok with that.  Although, it means we are completely booked up now through New Year's and presents are small this year, they had to fit in the suit cases :-)

     Karyanna is a whopping 3 months old now and is the biggest joy! She's starting to get the personality of a happy caterpillar, as opposed to a slouchy blob.  She smiles all the time and is starting to cut her first tooth.  I wasn't expecting this as my teeth came in exceptionally late, but I assume she is just going to exceed my expectations in everything. I'm pretty sure she's going to be sitting on her own real soon as well.

     We're starting to get ourselves out of the house too (aside from major trips, lol) and now attend storytime at the library once or twice a week.  While in Phoenix we went to a mommy and me group and made some new friends. It was really fun getting together with other mom's in basically the same stage, so I'm trying to find some groups out here.  Everything I've found so far is pretty irregular so I might just hafta start something weekly myself!

     Balance in our lives is slowly coming along. It's still not great, but I've had some incredible phone support and I'm working on not being too hard on myself. I've got big plans for the next couple months of things I would like to try...we'll see how that goes.

     Anyway, Nick's flight is about here. Time to clean up my area and greet him at the gate! (This never happens anymore!!!)