Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dairy Queen, We Treat You Right?

Preface: On the rare occasion I go to Dairy Queen, I always (ALWAYS!) get a small Mud Pie blizzard.  They are seriously like heaven on earth. However, since being with-child, I can't seem to stomach anything coffee flavored that isn't in fact coffee. Hence, my dip cone story.

As mentioned, Dairy Queen is NOT in my usual repertoire of food or dessert. I'd say I have maybe half dozen blizzards a year, mostly concentrated in the summer and several of those seem to be because that's where everyone else is going. Oh how that has changed!

I pretty much go to the DQ every other week now, and it seems as if I end up in tears (the bad kind) every visit. Nick has suggested I just not go on my own. The reason for these breakdowns? They never have chocolate ice cream available when I come by. It's as if they're ALWAYS cleaning out that daggum machine. How is it, that when there's blazing (70degree) sun out at 1pm you DO NOT have available half your ice cream?!?

Now keep in mind, these cravings usually hit right after lunch time.  And I'm not exaggerating, I've had to drive to multiple locations the last 4 times I've gone on my own. (Once I've ordered I HAVE TO GET IT! No, I can not just get over it and come back later tonight. I NEED IT NOW!) 

One employee was quite lucky that working with children I've learned to be patient and hold my tongue when he asked me if vanilla would be ok? (Que inner monologue: Really?!? Really?!? Did I order vanilla? No, if I had wanted vanilla I would've ordered it!) I just do my best at being polite, although I'm sure I don't sound polite at all, and say "No, thanks. I'll just try somewhere else," smirk and drive off.

The only place that has had what I needed every time, bless them, is the Troutdale location.  Perhaps next time I shall just go there first and skip all the heartache...and by next time I mean in approximately 13 days :).

Monday, May 7, 2012

Little Bit of Laundry, Lots of Other Messes

Things I needed to do today: 
-Shower (yes, I need to list it so I remember)
-Car care
-Eat and take vitamins
-Make dinner

Things I accomplished so far today:
-Picnic at the park with my sister and her 3 glorious kids
-Gas/Car Wash
-Produce shopping
-Eat and take vitamins

     I got lots done, but not lots on my list. Still to go, and will be happening, is make dinner, some dishes, more vitamins and a little bit of laundry.
     I'm lucky enough, that starting in July sometime I'm going to be a full time Stay-At-Home-Mommy (to be.) It's all I've ever truly wanted. I was looking at budget stuff to see what it will be like to live off of just Nick's income. And I have to admit, it's a little scary and a lot of exciting! It definitely means I will be cooking...a lot! And it means I will be driving much much less! 
     One of the things that I'm most nervous about though is the housekeeping side of things. I am one of those weirdos who LOVES doing laundry, but in our tiny house we have right now, with no room for my clothes (despite getting rid of half of my wardrobe a year ago!) I just get overwhelmed. I seem to fall so far behind on it. Literally my living room looks like a messy walk in closet with clean clothes strewn about everywhere. The actual closet is not much better.
     I know it drives Nick nuts too, and stresses him out about as much as it stresses me out. And I totally feel like when the laundry is in disarray so is everything else in the house.  The dishes stack up faster (no dishwasher,) the garbage seems fuller, the clutter just looks more abundant.  It is very difficult balancing my strong desires to be 'supermom' (bad term, but I couldn't think of a better one) with my incredible lack of self discipline and general get-it-doneness.  I'm praying everyday that I can get a better handle on things and that things don't fall apart and I can keep up once sweet baby Roth is here.
     I know everything is a learning process with a steep, steep curve. And I in no way expect that I will have a perfect house, ever. But I do expect myself to have a comfortable house that others can come into that is warm, welcoming and happy. 

When it comes to housework the one thing 
no book of household management

 can ever tell you is how to begin.  
Or maybe I mean why.  
~Katharine Whitehorn, 
"Nought for Homework,"Roundabout, 1962