Monday, June 18, 2012

Time is Ticking Away!!!

Here I am thinking I have all kinds of time until Karyanna was here. SHE'S DUE IN 100 DAYS!!! I know it will probably be give or take a few (or 14) but still. 
     I remember when it was the 100 day countdown until Nick and I got married and I made him a paper chain with 100 ways I love him and gave him one everyday. He asked me not to do that got quite messy. :)  But baby girl, Mommy (and Daddy!) are so excited to meet you!
     I may have mentioned before that our plan was to move out of our 688 sq ft one bedroom house. After looking at things, we've opted to stay where we are for a year in favor of buying a new house next year. SUCH A HARD DECISION! But one that was certainly needed and is for the best. We're converting out Dining Room into her nursery and going to be putting up a room divider (not a permanent or hard to move one in case of emergencies.) 
     In the mean time, we're working on getting the house ready. We pick up her crib and dresser the first week of July, so we will be moving half of our stuff into storage before then. The first weekend in August we're flying out to see my family in AZ (yes, I am a little nuts to be flying at almost 8 months pregnang, but Dr gave me the A-OK) Our goal is to have the whole house ready by the time we go to Arizona, because really, she could decide show up at any time (please wait until AT LEAST September sweet girl!) and we don't want to be scrambling or lay the burden on our families to finish while in the hospital.
     All in all we have 6 weeks to have everything set and ready for her grand appearance. The whole change basically consists of packing everything up and moving some of it while rearranging the rest, ie-moving and house unpacked! That thought is slightly overwhelming when I think about all we have to do, but she is so worth and we're just taking it one day at a time. <3

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