Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stairway to Heaven

If only I looked like this whenever I did cardio!
You know, it's a funny thing. I had all these hopes of while pregnant becoming this superstar that ate only healthy foods, worked out often (5-7 days/week) and in general became a healthier person. Try again!
     I've argued that I'm happy my 3rd trimester is during the summer. Sure the heat will suck, but it's the time that I always want fresh fruits and vegetables and I eat lighter. What I forgot, was that it's also the time I crave ice cream, pies and elephant ears. 
     Before I got pregnant I had been running for about five four months (note, I got sick and had to stop for six weeks prior to baby.) I loved it! I'd lost over twenty pounds and it felt great! But that was pretty much it for me. I didn't lift weights, but I was getting my eating on track. I figured once I was no longer sick I'd pick things right back up. Haha!
     Since finding out we're expecting I've done cardio maybe ten times and weight lifting (leg day) only once. That is so not what I had in mind for myself. Just last week I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight and this week gained a pound, so net I am +1. For being twenty-five weeks I think that's pretty good!
     Anyway, I've been making a mental shift. Nick and I want to raise our daughter with a healthy body image and general knowledge of what being healthy actually is and how to put it into practice.  There's no way we can do that when Mommy doesn't get her stuff done goes to McDonald's because it's easy, doesn't make fitness a priority, and doesn't set a good example.
     So today I went to the gym. I sure didn't want to, but I got a little inkling to just go so I got up, got dressed and went. I'm 90% stoked and feel awesome I went and 10% feeling like "What did you do to yourself!" I used to do forty minutes of stairs and hate/love it. 
     Since getting pregnant, going up one flight feels like running a 5k. Ok, not really that bad, but it's bad.  So I set my mind that I was going to go back to my frenemy the Stair-Monster. I told myself 15 minutes. That's all I needed to do. I am tough enough to do 15 minutes! Mission accomplished! I had to take a one minute break every five minutes, but that was out of necessity to keep control of my heart-rate. My plan after stairs was half hour of treadmill.
     Well, Karyanna didn't very much enjoy the treadmill. We both did great on stairs, but treadmill was difficult. Right now she's still sitting breach, and I'm pretty sure she cannon-balled my lower abdomen and just sat there (I hope this is not a precursor for future temper tantrums!) Well, by ten minutes into it, my whole belly was hard and my 'underbelly' pain was about a 6-6.5 out of 10. I decided to call it quits. After all, I did my stairs!!! I sat in the women's locker room 'recovering' for a half hour before I felt like I could get to my car (ok ok, over-dramatic, but that's just how I am.) No worries though, I've felt her moving since and everything seems to be OK. I'm sure it was just round-ligament pain that was protesting hard because I haven't been active.
     Will I go to the gym again tomorrow? Probably not, if I do it will be light upper-body weight training and pool time. However, June 29th is my last day of work (so bittersweet!) and I plan on Nick and I going to the gym on the days that he works. We will be a healthy family!

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift!"

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