Friday, May 31, 2013


Dear Karyanna,

In case I ever forget to tell you, you LOVE paper.  More specifically you love to eat paper.  It doesn't matter what is going on, if I (or anyone) gives you a piece of paper you go absolutely bonkers.  So excited, so excited. You flap your arms and bounce up and down.

You are also really good at finding paper.  I feel like I clean up wrappers, mail and receipts all the time but somehow you manage to find more and put it in your mouth.  Your'e really good at getting things in your mouth before I can get to you.

Another thing you are particularly attracted to is cat food.  I know you'll grow out of all of this. And as much as you keep me moving, I think it's the cutest thing. I come around a corner and you purse your lips, like maybe I won't know you just put a crunchy piece of kibble in there.  When I reach down to grab it out your tighten your lips even more.  It's so damn cute!

I love you!



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